Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

First post in 2014: The last weeks and plans for this year.

It's already been a long time since my last post here again, oh my. But this time it hasn't got to do with me being a lazy ass but with me being busy as never before, I guess.
From the beginning of February onwards I had to write five exams in university and had to learn a lot...
Surprisingly until now each one went quite smooth and I'm in high spirits for the last one tomorrow!

After this week's over I'll finally have some free time which I will spend preparing everything for Leipzig bookfair in mid March together with Aiji. ♥
This means: building our 3D maneauver gears for our Shingeki no Kyojin cosplays and revising parts of my Sitri cosplay, e.g. the head dress and tigh highs.
I'm all excited already because we will meet many awesome people and I hope the new concept for the Anime & Manga area at LBM will be as great and fun as promised!
So if you decide to come I wouldn't mind meeting up, just saying! I will be there from friday until sunday.

My life has been relativly calm from Christmas onwards, I celebrated with my family, girlfriend and Shinpei.
New year's was the last to spend with my dears until 2015 so it was a bit sad but nevertheless we had much fun. ♥

The sadness continued with Rumi moving back to the other side of the country again at the end of January so we hosted at farewell-party, only the four of us, that being Rumi, Shinpei, Aiji and me...
Since then our everyday life is a bit boring sometimes because at the moment it's mostly only Aiji and me spending time together, but whatever, better days will come and we'll see Rumi again for the bookfair in March!

Somewhen in January Aiji and me did a SNK shooting together with Rito (after a veeery long time finally again) in Kettwig which is a perfect location!
So I took my chance and tried out Levi.. It was fun although I'm better suited for Petra in the end, haha.

I also dyed my hair back to normal boring blonde because the red became too dark and natural for my taste... But I still need a new and exciting idea for a light haircolour and style, so if you've got an idea let me know! I'll appreciate it. :'D

Because we haven't gone to the int. Gyaru Lovers Meet this time we decided to meet up with a few new friends in Düsseldorf and went for lunch which was also very nice.

Finally also our second taobao-order arrived, so I got stuff for my new doll and my Akihito-wig which is misused for some dansou-ing atm, haha.

Sadly we can't go to An Café this time because we need to spend all our money on cosplay stuff but that's just having priorities, haha..
Buuut Shinpei bought girugämesh tickets for both of us so I can't wait to see them again with her in June!!

Recently I have such a strong urge to dress up and go out, being it dansou or gyaru.. I hope I can finally give in after my exams now, haha!
Stay tuned!

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Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

Recently: Year in Japan, Fashion Walk, Dojaku, new Hair

So it took me a whole lot of time again for a new post...
But life was really busy or I was really lazy - anyways, since my motivation seems to be back, here are some recent updates and pictures again!

First I want to talk about my year abroad in 2014. 
Finally we got told which university we'll attend while in Japan and mine is: Dokkyo University in Soka, Saitama! 
That's pretty great because it's close to Tokyo, the apartments we'll be staying at seem nice and I'm going with a friend of mine! So I'm not that afraid of being all on my own anymore. (I'm a really angsty person, haha.) 
Now all I got to do is save money, study hard and pass all of the upcoming exams... 
I'm so thankful for this chance because of the past few years I know these are chances life doesn't simply throw at you... 

(Next to my birthday) the biggest event in November really was the first german Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf organized by the Deco Rangers.
About 80 people in all kinds of Japanese street styles attended the event and it was more than fun! We walked through the city of Düsseldorf and everyone watching was surprised and mostly happy and fascinated by our outfits and the cheerful atmosphere. That was really the best experience with strangers I had wearing Japanese fashion! 

I wore a mori kei-dansou outfit on that day and it felt nice, cozy and warm luckily! 
Lately I really enjoy trying new things again - which kind of.. reliefs me a lot.. Not being stuck with one fashion.

I looked kind of.. thick because of all the layers but I had to find something fitting in my wardrobe and I wa surprised I actually own stuff which suits to mori kei. 

Vicky and me. ♥

Beki, Shinpei and me. ♥

Shinpei, me and Aiji. ♥

As I said, it was an awesome experience and I can't wait for the next one in April! 
If you got time I recommend you to attend as well!! Hope to see you there. 

Because my everyday life is boring as fuck and I don't dress up there's nothing to show or tell you.. haha.
But after my birthday we ordered a lot from Taobao (we means Pei, Aiji and me). Doll stuff, clothes and wigs. Here is my clothes haul: 

I just looove everything! ♥♥
And because using Taobao is cheaper than anywhere else, I could also safe some money for my new doll...

The next event was the 41st Dojaku convention in Dortmund last weekend. 
Usually we didn't go to these cons anymore.. but at Connichi in September we got to know many nice Shingeki no Kyojin-people who we wanted to meet again..
And I could also finally wear my second SNK cosplay: Petra Ral. Which is my first female cosplay since Alice in Wonderland from 2010. 
My OTP at the moment is LevixPetra so I was happy I had Aiji as Levi Heichou with me...! ♥ 

These are really my favourite pictures at the moment! Taken by Rumi and edited by Aiji and me.. 
I felt so nice with this cosplay and I got such overwhelming reactions together with my girlfriend, it was simply stunning.. thank you everyone! ;////; 
So next time and/or maybe also at the "NRW Cosplayball" I'll have my Lolita-survey corps outfit finished, can't wait! 

For people missing my gyaru style and outfits here's a little something from the last Kabuki Rock Style: 

The last topic is my new hair... 
I got so fed up with always being blonde or brown-blonde.. and I didn't really know what to change.. 
First I wanted to have grey/pink in my blonde but since I liked myself with ginger/copper hair so much - we dyed my hair with natural red henna colour yesterday! 
I'm still not used to it but I fell in love...! 

I think I'm getting closer to be content with myself again. I was so fed up and bored with my style that I didn't have any motivation to dress up or something..
But with cool new hair (gonna dye my extensions like that too), new rock-ish clothes and new tattoos coming up I'm closer to be simply myself than ever I guess. :3' 

Last but not least:
Please go and also have a look at my pretty girlfriend's re-opened blog: yasha hime !! ♥
It's no gyaru or whatever blog anymore but she posts interesting things about different styles and cosplay.